Upgrades and AP Exams

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    Feb 25, 2014
    Hello TiP Forums!

    Recent Upgrades

    In case you haven't noticed… we got a bit of a facelift since the last time you may have checked out the site. After a lot of thinking and planning, I have decided to make the switch over to a new forum software called XenForo. Ultimately, the purpose of doing this will be to provide a more user-friendly and prettier experience for anyone and everyone who uses the site!

    As we continue to grow, new things will be added and we will work towards expanding our moderational staff as needed. This summer will be a big chance for TiPForums.com to grow, so if you're TiP-bound this year, don't forget to tell your friends to check out TiPForums.com!

    AP Exam Help

    In other news… since today is May 1st, May fever has officially begun! With that comes all kinds of things, be it final exams, AP exams, IB tests, and more. Not to mention college applications are growing ever closer for college bound TiPsters.

    If you're taking any AP exams this year, consider checking out the AP Exam Books on Dropbox. This database is a collection of files and resources related to every single AP exam being offered, and it's constantly being updated on a daily basis!

    To visit the AP exam books, click here.

    For now, this concludes this brief update. Feel free to drop a comment in here if you have questions, and feel free to post anywhere else throughout the forums. :)

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